Quick integration

Our design tool allows fast modelling and integration. You have control over your own business rules.

Full Enterprise Data Management

EDMFabric controls your data, with full data auditing, staging and provenance, with 2 and 4 eye exception management.

Rapid deployment

Whether in the cloud or installed, our design tool and deployment model minimize the time and costs.

Who we are

Yambina's staff have deep experience in financial data management and integration solutions. Being responsible for what is possibly the largest Golden Master File database in the world.

Our people provide services that leverage EDMFabric to accelerate the production of customised technology to satisfy your needs. These technology products help clients capture and analyse data, manage risk and meet regulatory requirements.

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What we do

We leverage EDMFabrics workflows and rules to produce custom solutions to customer problems. We develop web dashboards to view the controlling factors and the resultant outputs.

  • Help clients capture and analyse data
  • Produce custom technology that manages risk
  • Provide solutions to regulatory requirements
  • Manage cloud solutions developed for customers
  • Respond to short timeframes to produce a product

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